North Shore Art League Workshop – March 11-12, 2023

A Complete Guide to Painting “Lively Studio paintings”

Two Days in the Studio learning tips and info about creating creative, lively, spontaneous, paintings with energy and personality. Learn to paint better, have more fun, make painting easier, and gain a clear direction.

Gain confidence in your ability to translate your subject to canvas like Tom, as you strengthen your observational skills, build a reliable process for planning, and develop your own unique voice. Whether you are somewhat of a beginner, with some drawing skills, or a more experienced painter, this workshop helps you to identify a focus in your painting practice through positive approaches to art making and a new pattern for success. 

Your Daily Experience
Each morning, using his photo reference,Tom demonstrates a variety of topics, including planning compositions, selecting and handling materials, paint mixing and application. Working from the same provided photo reference, students paint for the remainder of each day with Tom available for individualized feedback. Leave this workshop with focus and direction for future work, and a painting each day to take home to finish along with the photo reference.

Daily Time Schedule
Each day starts at 9:00 am. with a painting demonstration and lecture. Tom paints and answers questions until 12:00 noon, with a break at 10:30. After lunch at 1:00pm, students paint from the same photo as Tom did in his demo remembering all he talked about and demonstrated. Students paint until 4:00pm when class ends. After the first day students can leave their equipment where it sits until the next day.
Skill Level
Oil, acrylic, and pastel painters are welcome. Students should have some experience and a basic understanding in one of these mediums. All demonstrations are done in oil, using walnut oil instead of mineral spirits, but all above mediums have the same principles.  Beginners should have some drawing skills, and intermediate to advanced students can still learn tons in Tom’sworkshops. All principles of applying paint and working with composition are taught.

• Tom furnishes all Photos that are used to paint from.

“Learn a simpler way of drawing. Learn a simpler way to mix color and to see just shapes and colors more clearly. Learn how to choose the right subject for your painting, and how to choose the center of interest.”

For all info Contact:

or call: 847-446-2870

Where: NSAL Studio, 620 Lincoln Ave. Winnetha IL 60093