Whitewater WI Weekend Plein Air Workshop – May 15th-16th 2021


Title: A Complete Clear Guide to Outdoor Painting ( en’ plein aire )
Get To The Next Level by Painting From Life

Intro:   This two day weekend workshop is in Whitewater WI on May 15th and 16th 2021. Paint in this beautiful Historic Town, close to all of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. The workshop will be at The Fuzzy Pig , which is a working farm, restaurant, gift shop in the barn and a wine bar.

Description: A two day workshop with all the information needed to become a better painter, focusing on working from a real sunlit outdoor scene. Learn from a nationally recognized painter as well as a professional well known instructor. Scroll down on Tom’s homepage on his website to see other student testimonials: www.tomnachreiner.com This Creative Class will be relaxed and social as you make new friends during the process. Learn the advantage of working in oil over, for instance watercolor. Tom was a professional watercolor painter for 20 years and switched to oil in 2005 for very specific reasons. Some watercolor students might want to try oil as Tom will explain the differences and help you along. So, painters can paint in traditional oil like Tom, or water soluble oil, acrylic or pastel. To make it simple, for those not totally equipped with oil and for those who would like to work just like Tom, students can order the reasonably priced Tom Nachreiner 2 Day Workshop Kit on line at Judson Art Outfitters: the link is on Tom’s website, under Events. www.tomnachreiner.com/events

Student Level: All levels. A great opportunity for beginners with some drawing ability, and an excellent opportunity for advanced students that want to improve.

Objectives: Learn how to see as an artist. Learn how to draw outside and what to focus on in the following years of your painting endeavors. Change bad habits and learn the power of positive thinking, smart planning, and a new pattern for success. Learn how to be open-minded and how to take risks and get to a higher level as a painter. All top professional and famous artists agree “the only way to improve as an artist and improve in drawing skills and “seeing” as an artist, is to draw and paint more from life”. Some students may want to get ready to participate in local plein air events. They may want to learn how to speed up and plan each stage of painting to finish in 3-4 hours time. The tricks of speeding up will make you more spontaneous and make your style more distinct and unique. “Find your own voice”.

Structure: Class will start each day at 9:00 am sharp, but Tom will be there at 8:00 if you want to see Tom pick a subject and get set up. Tom will do a morning demonstration in oil, explaining everything he thinks about as he paints, while answering questions. There will be a short break at 10:30 and Tom will finish his demo and lecture at 12:00. After lunch students will set up and paint all afternoon. There will be lots of “one on one”. Class will end each day at 4:00, but students can paint till 5:00 or 6:00 if you want. Tom will furnish all photos that he and you will work on together, inside the barn if there is rain. You will get a sheet on how to get the most out of Tom and the workshop. Tom will sell some rare supplies that he uses and makes himself if you are interested, along with different sized custom toned panels. Tom brings his wife Nancy, that he has been with since early high school, along to help with that function and others.

Cost:  Only $200.00 per student for two full days. Mail a payment with the form below, to secure your spot. Below is the address. Payment due for workshop by March 30, 2021, if any spots are still available then. There are 12 available openings now, but history tells me to not delay as my workshops fill up fast. First come first served – Don’t wait.

For Best Success:  take lots of notes each day and re-write them onto your computer or I-Pad when you get home after the workshop. Don’t miss this very helpful and complete workshop…….. THIS WORKSHOP WILL MAKE YOU A BETTER ARTIST, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR MEDIA OR STYLE.

WHITEWATER ARTS ALLIANCE – Workshop – instructor Tom Nachreiner
Where: Whitewater WI
When: May 15thth-16th  2021

Any Questions:  e-mail: Marilyn:  waaworkshops@gmail.com

Mediums:  Oil – Water Soluble Oil – Acrylic – Pastel

Supply List: http: //tomnachreiner.com/w/tom-nachreiner-workshop-kit/

Mail Checks:   make checks out to Whitewater Arts Alliance in the amount of $200 and mail to Whitewater Arts Alliance (along with the registration form below) to PO Box 311, Whitewater WI.

First Day:  We will meet at 9 Am at The Fuzzy Pig, N 8660 Clover Valley Rd., Whitewater, WI 53190

Registration Form:   Mail with check It will also be on The club’s web site www.whitewaterartsalliance.org


Tom Nachreiner Plein Air Workshop May 15 & 16, 2021

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Make check payable to Whitewater Arts Alliance

Mail to: Whitewater Arts Alliance, PO Box 311, Whitewater, WI