Oil Demonstration 1


Overview of a second Demonstration September 2019




1.Tom sketches his drawing upside down over a grid he draws on a toned panel, the same grid he put on his photo reference.

2. Tom starts painting the darks in first upside down of the subject, a popular jumping and swimming area on lake Michigan in Door County WI .

3. After the darks are in he starts to put in the mid-tones as he works in the shade of a large tent at Edgewood Orchard Gallery, in Door County.

4. Tom holds the reference in one hand, paints with the other, and the crowd can look at an enlarged print Tom has above him.

5. When he gets the painting ruffed in / blocked in, he compares values and color to the photo in the sunlight so everyone can see.

6. as you can see Tom works with sun glasses on, so he can see value better and not see the detail in the earlier stages. He starts with the brighter colors.

7.He continues working on putting in brighter and brighter colors and improving the drawing at the same time.

8. After 1 hour and 45 minutes Tom turns the painting over along with the large photo reference above him in the tent.

9.Tom talks all the time he paints explaining the different stages, application tools and shows the crowd the colors he mixes with the easily seen palette.

10. After 2 hours working on an 18×24 panel he puts it in the sun and answers questions as people come up to photograph the painting.

11. As Tom was working, a patron bought his painting and is photographed with him. She grew up in the area of Cave Point, depicted here.

12.Tom takes the painting to his studio to tweak it as look at it fresh the next day. He explains that it has to meet his standard of style and completion.

13. In his studio he spends a bit more time on the figures that were put in in the last 10 minutes of the demo.

14. Here is the final painting. Tom captures an image for his web site, frames the painting and sends it off to the new owners.