Gwenyn Hill Collection

Nine original paintings painted “en plein air” in the style of turn of the century French and American Impressionists. A chance meeting on the property by the Organic Farm manager lead to the purchase of these paintings painted in the Spring of 2017, off my website. I am so proud to be a part of this Farm and the restoration and creation that is still taking place.

The original farm was built in 1868. Jeremiah Williams, a man I’ve known for many years, who passed away at 95, nine years ago, most recently owned the farm. The children then sold the farm to the new developer who is keeping the farm in tact and restoring the buildings. There is one painting, not shown here, that was just presented to Lloyd Williams the oldest son of Jeremiah Williams. I was lucky enough to be there.

Below are archives of other paintings I painted when the farm was owned by Jeremiah Williams. These paintings are all the collection of other patrons of mine, bought years prior.