While we have only received about half of the surveys, I wanted to share the student comments thus far.
– This workshop provided me with inspiration from a professional artist in the business who shares painting skills that no one else teaches.
– Tom was an exceptional instructor. The whole experience was way beyond my expectations!
– I learned a lot of art theory that applied to both oil and acrylic.
– Tom Nachreiner is a wonderful teacher – full of information, patient, funny. It was a real treat to work with him.
– I have had other workshops with this instructor and I have always come away with more knowledge and an increased inspiration in dealing with my media and different subject matter. He always encourages his students to try different things relating to their media and subjects. So it’s a very good experience for beginners as well as experienced artists.

All great comments Tom.

Elysia Michaelsen, MFA
Director of Education Programs
Peninsula School of Art


“My greatest appreciation of a Tom Nachreiner master class? Tom is able to stay focused on the work of his painting’s evolution and keep a verbal running commentary going seamlessly, so its as though you are inside his head as he makes decisions. He is able to articulate this choice of brush stroke and that placement of highlight color in real time, in the very midst of his process. Tom’s equal ease with both media and people is a rare combination indeed. His zeal at merging subject matter with paint is a delight to behold. The fact that he is so present in his capability to share his process makes him a supremely gifted instructor.”

“I have had the amazing opportunity of observing Mr. Nachreiner painting in plein air festival settings on numerous occasions and he is equally enthusiastic sharing his insight with an audience of one, as he is with a captive throng — which is often the case. His engaging personality draws a crowd at every opportunity. Tom becomes more animated with increased interaction. Rather than being slowed down by questions from onlookers, he becomes visibly engaged and at times begins to dance in answer to the inquiry. I can’t image a more supportive mentor. I firmly believe that Tom would have incredible insight for all students working under his direction, from absolute beginner to accomplished life-long artist. The fact that his own work is so superlative serves as additional inspiration. The fact that he is genuinely delighted to share his insight, garnered from a lifetime at the easel, makes him a genuine one-of-a-kind treasure. By all means, take advantage  at your earliest convenience, of any opportunity to learn from the master, Tom Nachreiner.”

– Debbie Clement
Vero Beach, Florida

“I have taken numerous workshops with Tom, both in his studio and outside working “en plein air”. My fellow students ranged from beginners to artists like myself who needed an inspiration to get to the next level in our work. Tom related positively to all of us: no intimidation, no “dumb” questions, just plain and simple ways to improve and find our own individual ways to work. I find his demos particularly inspiring because he rarely starts a painting the same way; therefore giving his students the freedom to paint in whatever style feels comfortable or challenging. He has the wonderful ability to paint and talk at the same time, constantly explaining why he is using a specific color, brush or technique, and what he is striving to achieve on the canvas. I find Tom incredibly generous with the knowledge he has gained from years of working as an artist. It is always a joy and an inspiration to paint with him.”

– Lynn Rix, Oil Painter in Wisconsin

“I have known Tom Nachreiner for at least 10 years. I first met him when I ventured as a novice into a painting workshop. Tom was/is patient and diligent about including his viewers in the progress of his painting as he was building his painting demonstration.  His careful transition from massing in the big shapes of his subject, to placing the lights and darks, to applying color and the trademark “Nachreiner brush strokes” was meticulous and informative. The rest of the workshop involved the efforts of the students and observers to create their own painting using Tom’s techniques with Tom’s helpful observation and careful words.  Each day ended with a critigue from fellow students as well as our teacher’s remarks. it was hard work to incorporate all the information that Tom was sharing, but his encouragement and observations were a great help. I can still visualize his careful building of each finished picture and am most grateful for his generous instruction. It has made me a better painter.”

– Kit Seidel
Nashota, Wisconsin

“Tom, I tried to email you over the weekend, but it bounced back. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop. I was prompted to sign up after looking at your website, because your paintings convinced me you know A LOT about color temperature, and I was hoping I could gain some knowledge about that. It fulfilled my hopes and more — not having realized that, into the bargain, I would be learning from one of the BEST teachers I’ve ever had.  It truly was a pleasure getting to know you and Nancy, and I hope you’ll keep my email so you can let me know if you’re going to doing future workshops in this part of the world. Best to Nancy.”

– Fran Wood
Mendham New Jersey

“PS: I also wondered if the painting I bought has a name. (It’s the one you had in the silver frame.) If so, I’d like to make a note of that on the back. My husband loves the painting as much as I, and it’s a treasure to have one of your wonderful paintings.”

“Thanks Tom, for a really great workshop.  Would like to take another sometime.”

– Nancy R. Shelly
Perkasie, Pennsylvania

“Good morning Tom, We found the perfect spot to hang your painting in our home.  It looks great! Here are some of my thoughts about your workshop:

I have attended several workshops and one of the things I look for is the enthusiasm of the instructor toward his students.  It is obvious that Tom truly is passionate about his painting and about conveying his approaches to his students.  His colors are so beautiful and he is willing to share how he makes them using a limited palette.  I was very impressed with his ability to create such beautiful demos while explaining and talking us through his process.

We were able to hear and see how he problem solved and created beautiful paintings from start to the all important finish. I was only able to attend two days and my only wish was that I could have painted more. With his ability and eye I am glad that he quickly shared his ideas for improvement.  Thank you, Tom, for a great workshop and for your willingness to share your gift with us!”

– Jane O’Neill
Jupiter Florida