2023 Peninsula School Of Art – 4 Day Studio Workshop – September 26-27-28-29

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Where: Peninsula School of Art Fish Creek WI

Call: Elysia Michaelsen 1-920-868-3455

E-Mail: workshop@peninsulaschoolofart.com

Web-Site: www.peninsulaartschool.com

Adult | Acrylic, Oil, Pastel | All Levels
Members: $460 | Non-Members: $500
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Gain confidence in your ability to translate your subject to canvas or smooth panel, like Tom uses, as you strengthen your observational skills, build a reliable process for planning, and develop your unique voice. Whether you are somewhat of a beginner or a more experienced painter, this workshop helps you to identify a focus in your painting practice through positive approaches to art making and a new pattern for success.

Each morning, Tom demonstrates a variety of topics, including planning compositions, selecting and handling materials, and paint application. Working from provided photo references, paint for the remainder of each day with Tom available for individualized feedback. Leave this workshop with focus and direction for future work.

Skill Level
Oil, acrylic, and pastel painters with basic knowledge in drawing and their chosen medium welcome. All demos done in oil, using walnut oil instead of mineral spirits.

Sitting at the kitchen table as a young boy with his father, Tom Nachreiner got his start in drawing. Together they would sketch ideas for projects like a rabbit trap, homemade go-cart, or an underground fort with a hidden trap door. Fast forward, Tom is an award-winning artist and acclaimed workshop instructor. In the classroom, his goal is to help students find and enjoy the endless possibilities of painting and to learn how to paint with oils in a safe way; much like he does. When not in the studio, Tom loves spending time with his family up north at the lake.

Go home with four paintings that I help you paint.

FOUR DAYS starting at 9:00 am and ending at 4:00 pm each day, although the school will open each day at 8:00am and close at 5:00 pm. This studio workshop working from photographs has been so popular for students to learn to experiment concentrating on mixing color and managing your energy in the studio. Learn all I can possibly share in four days, of what I have learned as I continue to paint and experiment with oils, and let me show you how to get to the next level. Experts will learn new information and intermediates and semi beginners will learn more than they can possibly realize. Bring your cameras and a notebook. Look for my supply list on this web site or ask the school by e-mail.

Link to Class:  https://www.peninsulaschoolofart.org/workshops/p/2d2355