National Award – “Oil Painters of America”



“Recipient of the 2013 22nd National
Exhibition Dorothy Driehaus Mellin
Fellowship for Midwestern Artists.”

22nd National “Oil Painters of America” National Show Of Traditional Oils

“Stretching” 30×40 oil on canvas – 2013 SOLD

This last Saturday, May 18th, opening of the 22nd National “Oil Painters of America” National Show Of Traditional Oils in Frederricksburg Texas. Tom was accepted into this prestigious national show first, from thousands of entries and selected as one of 200 national oil painters to exhibit in this show. Out of that group, Tom was just honored with this prestigious award. Plus the painting was immediately bought by a patron.

“I just got back from a successful week-end oil painting workshop, that I had in Door County. We got home late last night, I showered and crashed, only to hear Nancy say you better check your computer. As I looked up the OPA website, after seeing a barrage of e-mails and posts on face book, I saw faintly in green … $20.000 dollars – after my name. I was paralyzed” check it out for yourself:

scroll to the bottom to see my painting:

“During my weekend workshop, I sold one of my demos to Karen, a past designer employee of mine. The other demo I am donating to the Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay, WI. All of the students did well , were excited about what they learned, and signed up for next year’s workshop in Gills Rock, Door County.”

“During the workshop my cell phone was off, when I received a voice message from the OPA President that wanted me to call back, but was unable to make a connection. I thought maybe it was about something in the Salon Show coming up in Michigan that In am a part of, as I just sent my painting out and forgot to add the hanging wire in the back. Anyway, I had no clue.”

“I am so honored, so shocked and so humbled, as I feel I have so far to go yet, and so much to learn. I have so many goals to be a better painter, teacher, and family man. I am so lucky! ”

“To be honored by being accepted into 5 National & Regional Shows in the last 5 years, 3 of them National Shows, is by itself, all that I have worked for, and will give me a ‘Signature Membership’ honor coming up in the Fall. I am, relatively, a newcomer to the oil painting field painting since 2000. Before 2000, I painted in watercolor for many years. “I feel continually like I am trying to catch up with other national oil painters. I have so far to go. “