Experience / Qualifications / Education

Tom has a long history of gaining knowledge, and then teaching & sharing all that he knows with others. Tom has given painting and drawing demonstrations to schools, students, even teachers, soon after he became successful in illustration in his 20’s, and ever since. He lives in the art he excels at, believes in it, and loves to share similar beliefs with others that care about growth and improvement.

He has given lectures to numerous colleges, and has taught five week seminars at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design to senior illustration students in the late 90’s. His Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, with honors, his experience starting and operating his own illustration and design company, “Art Factory Ltd.” of 25 artists, has given him a well rounded, business-like & practical viewpoint of art and the marketing of art. He is, of course, a very sensitive artist himself who believes he still has a lot to learn, which gives him insight of how to relate to other creative, open minded artists, that want to take their talent and skills to a higher level. His boyish spirit and sense of humor, and down to earth background, makes his workshops fun, entertaining, along with immensely informative.

Tom is specialized in convincing other creative, spirited artists to believe in themselves and have the Courage to learn more, keep their mind open to new ideas, and to learn to recognize and nurture their own artistic uniqueness, and to believe in themselves.


Teaching Goals

“First I want to know what each student wants from my workshop or class. Each artist is different and wants to learn very different things regarding their painting. Also each artist is at a different level and expectations should be different. One thing we will all have in common is our camaraderie, and that we all want to be better artists. I believe in workshops for my own growth and have taken workshops from some of the best in America. I believe in teaching through praise & positive reinforcement, through encouragement and showing how to, rather than criticism. I want each student to go back home, ready and eager to paint and explore the possibilities of the new knowledge I’ve shared & shown them.”