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Inventory Turn Over – Buying at Lower Prices

Tom Nachreiner Original Paintings in this years Collection under “Paintings” go through a yearly routine of Exposure in Featured Shows & Gallery Sales. There is no negotiation on the set gallery prices I put on each painting while they are in a gallery. But Negotiation can be done after paintings are returned back to me, at the end of each year, starting November 5th of each year. I Paint completely new painting for each year and none of my previous paintings go back to the gallery, so here;s a chance to get one of my paintings at a reduced price.

So, If you check out Still Available under Paintings on this Site you will see all my paintings that haven’t sold. These paintings are available at negotiated and generally reduced prices, for 30% – 50% off.

So – get in the habit of checking Still Available as they will change monthly. If you are interested in one of these paintings and want the price e-mail me at:

Conversely, if you want to see which paintings SOLD then click on Private Collections under Paintings.



Frames for sale - Art Factory, Ltd.

Ordering Frames

To place an order, look through the Omega Catalog of Gallery Frames and make a note as to the Frame model(s) that interest you.  You can see the Catalog on this link:

Then E-mail me and I will give you a price. You can then make your payment and schedule a time for pick up. (No deliveries)

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Checks only made out to Tom Nachreiner and mailed to:

Tom Nachreiner Fine Art

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