2022 Tom Nachreiner Large Wall Calendar

This is Tom Nachreiner “Paintings” 2022 Calendar, my 15th annual calendar. This Giant 12″ x 18″ Wall Calendar has my best paintings of 2021 on twelve calendar pages, plus one on the cover. Find out all the info below …………


……. Shown here is the Calendar Cover, and the 2022 January Page, (top only) without the working calendar below it. If you’re interested in ordering, just send a check for $40.00, which also includes shipping. All Shipping has gone up. Also send your address. Send before November 1st 2021, to my address below.

For my address for mailing the check and more details please e-mail: paintings@tomnachreiner.com or go to CONTACT or look below. The printed order will go out on November 1st 2021 and you will get your calendar before December…..

Tom Nachreiner Fine Art

N6W30662 Mohawk Trl.

Waukesha, WI 53188

As a bonus feature, all the pages are suitable for framing. I only sell original paintings, but here’s an opportunity to not only get a working calendar, but to get 12 prints of my best work of 2021 This Calendar will make a great gift too.

– Tom Nachreiner OPA-AIS